1997,  starts late 1996...

Almost zero (F), no snow, sun almost set, ice as a mirror !

"Ho.ho,ho - any good children here ?"

Intellectual challenge - assembly of the Batmobile


Summer -97

(If, while looking at the pictures below, you should feel as if you have misplaced your glasses, itīs because the pictures are from Kodak Picture Disks,

 and not from Photo CD:s as most previous pics. You get what you pay for...)

Spiderman, resting after exhausting mission, leaping tall buildings etc..

He said he could row the boat, and he would, and he did !

Can you find the kite ?


Later in 1997:

These pictures are all 1997 from brand new Canon IXUS camera, scanned with Acer/Vuego 310s SCSI flatbed scanner. (Should look better than Kodak Picture disks !)